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Mushlong shroomboard

I was longboarding on a nice dose of mushrooms carving some smooth hills when it was time to throw caution into the wind and see how fast I could go. I mainly use my board for getting to work in the city so there is never an opportunity to go very fast. Before the whole ordeal of nighttime longboarding with no safety gear, I was telling my friend I enjoy learning as a bird does. Throwing myself into dangerous situations hoping to the cosmos I can figure out how to flourish. After a couple hours of carving I find myself going down a very large hill. I begin picking up more speed than I am used to. The point came where foot breaking would be dishonorable and probably be the end of me. With my mushroom enhanced reflexes I naturally duck down and grab my board probably accelerating at 20 mph. I can here my inner monologue telling me to hold.. Hold.. Hold. And as if it was programmed into me since birth at the first sign of fatal speed wobbles I jump up into a standing position with my arms as wings. The speed wobbles get nearly overwhelming but then smooth out perfectly allowing me to glide out the most serene blissful run I could have ever imagined. Moral of the story is have no fear.

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